Grown up in a world without internet, I am inspired by: family and friends; Michel Szulc-Krzyzanowski, especially his documentary photography for ‘the Henny-project’; Keith Haring with his powerful colors, lines, composition and energy; newspaper photographers; Ansel Adams with his famous black and white landscapes; Ed van der Elsken with strong black and white portraits and street photography; Jean Dubuffet, (especially his Jardin d’Émail), visits to the Kröller Müller Museum.

As my father was an architect and loved to photograph, I was brought up watching lines and shapes and tones. Not a bad environment to grow up…

Today my learning and inspiration source is, next to photo magazines, friends and family, on the internet.

It would be no surprise that documentary photography, street photography, abstract and graphical pictures and (partly) architectural photography have my interest.

I have learned to take pictures in the non-digital age using different Minolta and Nikon SLRs and liked to print black and white pictures myself. A nice time.  Nowadays I take the advantage of a digital SLR, digital compact cameras with and without RAW possibilities and iPhone. It’s only since 2011 I bought my first digital SLR: an occasion Nikon D80 which I upgraded to the Nikon D300 in 2018. It took some time to get used to the digital way of shooting and developing, but now I love it most of the time. The same with my iPhone 4s (with apps Instant 110 and Cameramatic), my ‘bought back Nikon 995’, and Canon 40D with 18-105 mm (thanks to my brother). All of them has great possibilities and I am having a lot of fun with it.

Later on I bought a second hand iPad 2 and rediscovered my pleasure in drawing on it. Now I am be alble to draw with a iPad pro 11″ and Apple Pencil. 

About copyright: the copyright of the posted photographs on this site belongs to me, unless otherwise stated.
Have fun.

My other website, with drawings from the past, the recent past and nowadays is: ingaberg.nl