project small dogs

Started: August 3, 2014, The Hague (Scheveningen), boulevard

Whether it is I don’t know, but somehow it seems like more and more small dogs with their owners appear on the street. My not very thoughtful thought was that these small dogs would be treated as princesses and princes would be handled, in an environment full of chocolates and warm house rooms are. Good company usually, though. Very soon I appeared to have wrong. The stories behind the dogs and owners turn out so far much different from I had previously thought. Many beautiful stories as well. What turned out to be: thereby I forgot sometimes to take a picture of the small dog and the owner as I envisioned. Or I had the photo but I forgot the question that still come to the end lap. So, work to be done.

  1. The Hague (Scheveningen Boulevard), 2014. The dog in the basket is suffering from cancer.
  2. Groningen, 2014. Looking after the dog of your female neighbour when she needs to go to the hospital.
  3. Amsterdam, 2015. The small dog is part of the dog duo Sjoerdje & Charlie. They are good company if you feel alone.
  4. Amsterdam, 2018.
  5. Joure, 2024. The small dog is called Mayli(e).