(the old) Cambuur stadium

The Cambuur Stadium is the stadium of the Dutch professional football club SC Cambuur from Leeuwarden. The stadium is located on Cambuurplein and is part of Sportpark Cambuur. It consists of four separate stands, all of which have covered seats. The capacity is 10,000 seats.

New construction
In November 2013, Cambuur presented plans to the municipality of Leeuwarden for the construction of a new stadium, behind the WTC Expo, that would accommodate 15,000 spectators. In 2017, the city council approved the construction of the new stadium, with construction starting in the summer of 2022.

The stadium will be delivered to SC Cambuur in its shell, after which the club will be responsible for the completion of, among other things, the seats, the field and the changing rooms.

Kooi Stadium is the official (sponsor) name for the new stadium.

The stadium is part of the Elfstedenpark area development on the site of the Elfstedenhal and the WTC Expo. In addition to football club SC Cambuur, various entrepreneurs and the ROC Friese Poort will also use the stadium. There is also a Holland Casino branch, a McDonald’s and a hotel around the stadium.

(source: Wikipedia, March 2024)

An exact date cannot yet be given, but the most likely scenario is that games can be played in the new stadium from the preparation for the 2024/2025 season.

(source: SC Cambuur website March 2024)

Pictures made in September 2019